The choices and options continue even after a decision has been made on the year, make and model of the vehicle.  From interior floor mats to exterior add-ons like rims, there are hundreds of options, accessories, and gear to make your vehicle unique.

In addition, there are an equal amount of unseen options that can only been felt when driving.  Brakes and brake pads, performance chips, air intake systems, exhaust, mufflers and tips, suspension systems, and more – all open to tweaks to get the most out of whatever vehicle you drive.  Look flashy with lighting accessories to pull up and show off in style, or make modifications to get more load-hauling horsepower!  Upgrade the seats with plusher cushioning, leather, or simply cover up that old ripped and stained seat with a favorite cartoon cover.

A lot of people modify a car when they purchase it, upgrading such items as the audio system, other electronics, or alarm system.  However, all of this dealer options can also be added later and sometimes these after-market additions can even be cheaper and fit your needs better.

Think about cost, ease of installation, and intended benefit to ensure you get everything you want out of your ride.  For example, though it may be cheaper to get an after-market alarm system, are you able to handle the complex wiring required for installation?  Will the wiring affect the vehicle manufacture’s warranty?  These are important considerations to understand before making any changes or additions to your vehicle.

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